2011: A World In Turmoil – The Year in Review

2011: A World In Turmoil - The Year in Review

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This report remains timely for active investors.

2011 was a truly tumultuous year, filled with geographically widespread geopolitical upheaval and natural disasters.  In fact, the combined events of 2011 may represent one of the worst years in several decades, in terms of the scope of impact and long-term consequences.  We may all look back at 2011 as one of those key inflection points in history from which new economic and geopolitical realities assert themselves.  In this still timely and compelling report, Carlos Andres will provide an overview and timing of these events and correlate them with the meltdown of global markets beginning in early August.  This will provide a clear context for understanding why markets behaved the way they did when they did during the year.

This is an important, interesting and informative exercise whether you are an investor or not.  However, it is critically important for natural resource investors in understanding that the horrible performance of resource stocks in general and had nothing to do with a deterioration of the underlying fundamentals of the commodities or companies in these sectors.  Instead, it had everything to do with a global retreat from financial markets in the face of an onslaught of destabilizing events, generating a stampede for the exits among the investment herd.  Purchase now to begin your tour of the calamity that was 2011.

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