A Tale of Great Rifts & High-Grade Gold Reefs

by Editorial Staff on October 12, 2012

Report Cover Page (Tembo Gold Corp.)

Frontier Research Report

October 2012 Issue

We thought it worthwhile to alert you that the Frontier Research Report, an exclusive investment newsletter service for sophisticated resource investors, has just released its latest investment recommendation, and it held our attention from start to finish.

Carlos Andres, the managing editor and chief analyst, has identified a junior explorer that is in the process of defining a large-scale high-grade gold deposit in a mining-friendly gold-producing jurisdiction.

The management team has substantial experience with the local geology and has been involved with finding and developing major gold discoveries in this prolific gold belt in the past.  Nevertheless, this publicly-traded micro-cap Canadian junior is flying under the radar and the stock is well undervalued.  As most of you know, it is the promising high-risk, high-reward junior exploration companies that offer the greatest leverage to a rising gold price.


Gold is up 11 years in a row through 2011, averaging 17% per year, and is up 15% year-to-date.  As a result gold production has managed to reach all-time highs over the past couple of years, and many producers are enjoying record profitability.

However, unknown to most, the industry is struggling to find new deposits of sufficient size and quality to replace diminishing gold reserves.  This places enormous value on new discoveries with the right characteristics to attract the attention of major producers.

This is where the world-class experience and expertise of Carlos Andres comes into play, who specializes in identifying overlooked and undervalued resource exploration plays in emerging and frontier markets.

Most mainstream analysts see these markets as too risky, but Carlos digs into the details to separate wheat from the chaff; fact from fiction.  Methodically, he is able to identify opportunities where perceived risk is often much higher than actual risk.  In these markets, the Frontier Research Report sets the standard.

Family offices, specialized fund managers, and high net worth individuals who allocate a portion of their precious metals portfolio to small-cap international exploration companies with the goal of providing a boost to overall portfolio returns will find this issue of the Frontier Research Report of tremendous value.

The newsletter is not currently taking new subscribers, however Carlos agreed to offer the current issue on a stand-alone basis.

This provides you with an opportunity to review the newsletter without committing to a full year’s subscription.  When the subscriber list is open, the annual subscription price is US$450, and the price for a single issue is US$47.

For the next 7 Days, Carlos has agreed to provide the current issue at a 20% discount or for


When the 7 Day offer expires, this issue will no longer be available to non-subscribers.

You will find that the newsletter is very comprehensive in its coverage and yet equally comprehensible.  It provides detailed coverage of the investment opportunity that is easy to understand, in an engaging and instructive style.  It is well researched, clear, concise, and likely a highly profitable opportunity.

The following link will take you to the sales page, where you can purchase the current issue of the Frontier Research Report.

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by Carlos Andres on August 3, 2012

2012 Potash Investor Research Report



When the word fertilizer is mentioned, most people are probably reminded of the odoriferous emanations from farm animals wafting through their car window while driving through the countryside.  It likely never dawns on most that a vast majority of the crops produced for populous emerging and developed world markets are fertilized with lifeless mineral compounds that have to be mined…

There is no substitute for Potash as an essential nutrient for plants and as a nutritional requirement for humans and animals…



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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!  Click on the Graph below to Enlarge.

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